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The integration of smart home technology is on the rise across Australian households. Our guide explores leading options for making your home more automated, connected, and convenient with the latest Internet of Things (IoT) devices. While some standalone devices like smart speakers or thermostats can provide entry-level automation, working with a professional installer near you enables creating a more integrated whole-home smart home solution tailored to your space and needs.

Smart home automation includes a range of convenient, energy-efficient devices that can be controlled and programmed remotely. Smart thermostats near automatically adjust home temperatures while helping save on energy bills. Smart lighting systems allow you to customize lighting schedules, colors, and brightness levels through voice commands or an app. Smart sprinkler controllers adjust watering schedules based on near weather conditions to optimize water usage. Smart pet feeders ensure your pet is fed scheduled meals while you’re away. Smart speakers near allow hands-free voice control of other connected home devices. Automated window shades, smart appliances, and electric vehicle chargers also contribute to greater home convenience and efficiency. With the right smart home platforms tying everything together, devices can be controlled from anywhere for whole-home automation.

Imagine your Melbourne, Sydney, or Brisbane home with a cutting-edge smart home that perfectly fits your lifestyle.

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- The Best Home Energy Monitors


- The Best Home Energy Monitors


- The Best Home Energy Monitors


- The Best Home Energy Monitors


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