At smarthomeHQ, our mission is to simplify home automation for Australians by connecting them with trusted installers nationwide. Founded in 2023 by industry veterans, we offer transparent guidance so you can automate your home with confidence.

We have over a decade of firsthand experience designing, installing, reviewing and writing about the latest systems and products. Through our own journeys, we understand the challenges of smart home technology.

My Smart Lighting Installation Struggles

I decided to take on an ambitious smart lighting project in my home. Confident I could handle it, I purchased several Philips Hue bulbs and switches to set up voice-controlled lighting.

However, the setup process was much more difficult than I expected. Connecting the Hue bridge to my WiFi router was tricky, as the app couldn’t find it. Once connected, I spent an entire weekend pulling wires and pressing buttons, trying in vain to sync the bulbs and switches. I pored through manuals and online articles late into the night, trying to fix connectivity issues.

After two long weeks of failed attempts to get the system working, I admitted defeat and called a professional lighting installer. In just one day, they flawlessly fixed my botched DIY setup and got the entire smart lighting system functioning.

This frustrating experience inspired me to start smarthomeHQ. I learned firsthand that complex home automation projects require expertise. I wanted to prevent others from struggling like I did by connecting them with qualified home technology professionals. I realized that even tech-savvy DIYers can benefit from specialists rather than tackling everything alone.

Connecting Australians with Automation Experts

We aim to prevent such struggles by being a definitive resource for Australians to discover qualified home automation professionals in their local area.

At smarthomeHQ, our dedication is simplifying home automation through authoritative, unbiased guidance. We arm Australians with expert insights to make the most informed decisions.

Automating Your Lifestyle

Home automation allows unprecedented convenience through app and voice-controlled systems professionally installed and integrated for robust functionality.

Smart homes are customizable with features like:

  • Lighting and Electrical Control
  • Smart Climate Management
  • Multi-Room Audio
  • Home Theater Integration
  • Remote Access and Monitoring
  • Keyless Entry and Access Control
  • Energy Usage Insights

The benefits of home automation include:

  • Simplified Daily Routines
  • Remote Access from Anywhere
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Enhanced Home Security
  • Immersive Entertainment Experiences
  • Hands-Free Control via Voice Assistants
  • Usage Insights through Smart Data
  • Improved Accessibility and Convenience

Popular connected devices like smart lighting, thermostats, locks, blinds and appliances help Aussies achieve their ideal automated home.

Professional installation ensures you get maximum value from these systems with customization, support, and warranties. We connect Australians with local home automation specialists to bring visions to life.

Discover Automation Possibilities

Home automation empowers Australians to simplify daily living through intelligent, convenient smart home solutions. Our transparent guidance makes it easy to discover qualified installers specializing in the products and features you want.

Let us streamline your automation journey with unmatched expertise. Contact smarthomeHQ today to connect with the ideal home technology pro for your needs!